Planning Permission granted for nine homes in Netley

Chapman Lily Planning have secured planning permission for the redevelopment of a redundant social club site in Netley, Hampshire with nine houses. The previous social club use had become uneconomic to maintain over time due to a falling membership, and although there is a presumption in favour of retaining such community uses in national planning policy, Chapman Lily Planning demonstrated that in this case there were adequate alternative facilities nearby, and that the property had been actively marketed for a period of time without any buyers coming forward wishing to continue the social club use. It was therefore appropriate to find an alternative use for the land. Chapman Lily Planning therefore secured consent for the construction of nine family homes on the site in replacement.

Matt Holmes, Director at Chapman Lily Planning said that ‘we are pleased to have been able to assist the client on this project, which goes to demonstrate the important of providing comprehensive background information up front with a planning application to address any specific planning policy requirements at an early stage’.